Paul Parker

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    Ambrook - District

    I was born and have lived on a farm on the edge of Ashburton all my life. I have three children, two of which help me run a small business on the Farm. Alongside this, my son also works as a retained firefighter and my daughter a Community Nurse.
    I have had previous experience working as a local councillor and volunteered with community projects and events.
    My farm is located between two wards, Ambrook and Ashburton. If elected to Ambrook ward, I will always act in the best interests of the local community. On several occasions, I do not feel that Teignbridge District Council has listened to local residents and small business. This is where I would like things to change. As an independent group we are not constrained by party policies.
    Therefore, if you feel there could be positive changes in all services that Teignbridge operate, for example Planning, open spaces, environment, and leisure facilities, South Devon Alliance is the step in the right direction for local people.
    I am happy to work daily to address complaints and issues, especially with problems that really matter to the local people.