Keeley Gearon

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    Kingsteignton East District

    I have lived in Newton Abbot for most of my life and can proudly share I am part of 5 generations who live in the local area.  Because of this, I am passionate about the town and beautiful surrounding countryside and therefore want to help provide best possible services to local residents. 
    I work as a Community Care Worker for a neighbouring Local Authority and work tirelessly supporting children, young people, and families, helping them to reach their full potential and ensuring their safety and wellbeing.  I have recently finished studying at South Devon University, covering how political ideology impacts on legislation and policies to services and local communities, something we have all experienced for many years.  Because of this, I am determined to effect positive change wherever possible by giving a voice to local residents who want improvement to services.  I will also fight to protect our beautiful countryside and work with honesty and integrity to help bring about change to local politics. 
    South Devon Alliance is devoted to establishing relationships with Teignbridge residents and supporting the growth of the youth and future generations.  They want to safeguard their future by providing an opportunity to successfully thrive, growing up in a happy and healthy environment.  I, and all members of South Devon Alliance, will promise to work hard representing the local community to achieve these goals.