Cllr Janet Bradford
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    Teignbridge District Council - College Ward

    I grew up in Newton Abbot and I still live here, as do my two adult children and their families.
    I attended Decoy Primary School, Newton Abbot Grammar School and Dartington College of Arts, where I obtained a degree in Theatre. Whilst at Dartington, I was part of a theatre group, performing in many theatres, throughout Northern England and Europe.
    I also spent a year in Utrecht, Holland, studying and teaching in schools.
    I set up Stagecoach Theatre Arts in Torquay and Exeter in 1995 and 1996 respectively, later expanding to Newton Abbot and holding classes at Coombeshead Academy. I have a huge passion for the Arts and I believe that all creative endeavor is extremely valuable to our lives on this planet.
    I sold my successful Stagecoach Schools in 2015, as I felt there was something else I needed to do. I had no idea what that was.
    I became involved with NewtonSaysNo in 2018, as I could not believe that anyone would want to concrete over the beautiful rolling hills of Wolborough. I thought they must be mad….and I still do!
    It soon became very clear to me that there were some ‘not very nice goings-on’ and that the ‘voices of the local community’ were not being heard.
    A small group of us decided to stand as Councillors for Teignbridge District Council in 2019 and three of us were elected.
    In 2021 I was also elected as a Councillor for Devon County Council, for Newton Abbot South.
    I always try to speak and vote for what the majority of the residents want. When TDC wanted to wreck the Alexandra Theatre, myself and my colleagues spoke out to save our wonderful building. Every week there are challenges, smaller ones like making sure a light is working in a lamppost, to always challenging NA3 and never giving up on the massive environmental concerns we all have. For the voiceless wildlife, who have NO say about where their homes will be. There are so many issues that must be called into question.
    We have a chance in May to change the tone of the Council Chamber. If you vote for a South Devon Alliance Candidate you can be sure that we will all be speaking out for you and what you want.
    Please Vote for Change!
    It’s our only hope for a better world for us and for our children and grandchildren.